Parkmobile Parking

Parking made easy

With the Parkmobile app you will never again have to worry about parking – no more tickets, no more overpaying, and no more rushing back before the time runs out. This easy-to-use app puts city parking in your pocket, and makes it possible to pay for parking using your smartphone.

Just park, phone and go.

The parking meter is activated simply by tapping on a parking zone near your GPS location. When you are ready to leave, stop the parking action, and you will only pay for the exact time you parked. As easy as that!

Everything in one place

Step by step, the app has grown to include everything users need for a streamlined experience. From adding and switching users and vehicles, to transparency of parking history, fees and invoices; it’s all just a tap away.

Moving forward with Parkmobile

At Pixplicity, we are proud to work with Parkmobile. With continuous improvements and advancements, we give the user an integrated solution for managing parking, delivering a truly native Android experience with the future in mind.

An overview of parking zones and tariffs, the possibility to switch between vehicles and users, and a complete parking history including locations, times and prices, are just some of the features that makes the app a delight to use!
The future of parking is here.


You can find out more about Parkmobile on the Parkmobile website.

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