Dealer App

From 0 to 100% in two months

Increasing customer loyalty by making cars smarter. We helped BMW dealers reconnect to their clients through a customer loyalty app that turned every BMW into a smart car.

The Challenge

Customer loyalty

How do we reconnect with customers from ten years ago, that bought a car and stopped going to certified dealers for maintenance. Customer retention being the main focus.

The Idea

Turning cars into smart cars

Using the existing data stream from the embedded sim card to BMW headquarters, we hooked into this to bring that information back to the driver through an app. This provided drivers of old pre-smartphone cars with apps that gave them real-time information about their cars. By revamping this decade-old technology, we highlighted the power of the brand and the innovative experience BMW brings to its drivers.

The Solution

A data-driven customer loyalty platform

We developed the app and platform powering it, developing a new communication channel for BMW and it’s past customers as well as a strong motivator for them to re-engage with BMW ultimately establishing a customer loyalty that previously was no longer present.


The Results

Smarter cars, smarter loyalty

After collecting and organizing the data of all connected cars, not only were we able to provide smarter results to the end customers, but also cleared the roads towards smart, A.I. controlled maintenance prediction.