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We love mobile tech and on a daily basis you’ll find our team playing with beacons, smart watches, VR gear, Raspberry PIs and the Android of Things, and tinkering with creating new Android ROMs.

We also believe in sharing knowledge and ideas, not only showcasing what we can do but simultaneously moving the industry forward through open collaboration. We don’t hide our expertise. Instead, we blog our innovations, create public tools, open-source our code, and teach through videos and courses.

We contribute heavily to the tech community, with our own CTO co-organizing the official Google Developer Group of the Netherlands, DutchAUG. Here, you’ll see only the highest quality talks from our tech-idols at conferences that sell out faster than an Adele concert. You’ll also find us on stages around the globe, presenting new tech, meeting inspiring people and bringing developers to new heights.

Making Your Watch Face Wear 2.0 ready

Updated 18/5/2017 for the new Gradle 4.0 plugin capabilities! Android Wear 2.0 is right around the corner. The preview can be downloaded for a variety of devices and the final version is set to be released in February. Time to get your wearable app or watch face ready for 2.0!

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Google Allo works with SMS and even when not installed

Google’s new messaging app Allo takes a unique and interesting approach to get new users on board: it sends notifications to Android users and even allows them to type a response. For non-Android users, a text message is sent with an invitation to install the app. Whether or not this

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A modern Hungarian notation

Some discussion has recently popped up on the internet about the use of Hungarian notation. Many software engineers are passionate about conventions, and we know a topic so sensitive can get people worked up! We, too, would like to share our thoughts about an approach to modern-day Hungarian notation. Mark

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Debugging Android devices on Linux

Often working with custom-built Android hardware, we’ve found that it can sometimes be tricky to enable debugging on our devices through ADB on Linux. Drilling into the problem, we’ve found that simply looking up the vendor ID with lsusb and adding a udev rule is sufficient. This can be especially

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Pixplicity Talks – Developing Hardcore Android Wear Apps

We close our series about developing for Android Wear with a video about developing fully fledged Android Wear apps. Episode 4 on Android Wear Throughout the series, we’ve covered many topics: the first video introduces you to guidelines about designing for Android Wear, the second shows how easy it is

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Pixplicity Talks – Android Wear Watch Faces

There is already an assortment of watch faces available on Google Play, and if you want to materialize your own awesome idea, Android Wear is your creative sandbox! Paul explains in Pixplicity’s newest video what the most important principles about designing a watch face for Android Wear are, as well

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