The Team

Who we are

Our team consists of skilled professionals (across many disciplines) that can all be described with one word: eager. Eager to learn, eager to improve, eager to push performance and eager to get the best results. Our drive to explore the new inspired us to get started on mobile apps when smartphones were still young, giving us many years of experience along the way. Yet we still push ourselves to improve every day by keeping up with new technology, new architectures, new ways of thinking.

Programming is just one of the things we do. Our team members teach various courses, are regular speakers at countless conferences, they organize various events, are design sprint leaders, scrum masters, hardware tinkerers and thinkers, UX experts, and the list goes on. If you want to pick our brains, you should contact us.


What we do

The world went mobile yesterday. People started talking to their cars. They tell their phones which movie to play on their TVs. They ask their watches for directions. They expect a warm home after a vacation. They’re warned when to leave early for a meeting or to go for that run before it rains. They expect to always be connected – to family, friends, work. To the latest movies, music and discounts. To their hobbies. To their passions.

Living up to these expectations today requires a new way of thinking. It requires minds that live, breathe and think in mobility and interconnectivity. It requires a top-tier team that can do more than build a website or an app, but that can cut straight through the ever expanding maze of technological possibilities and create a genuinely new, elegant concept. It requires a marriage of technology, mobility and creativity. That’s not only why we exist – it’s what we thrive on.

Our partners and collaborators include some of the world’s greatest digital agencies, international marketing agencies, development teams and creatives in the industry. Together, we serve clients ranging from global brands such as Google and Mercedes-Benz to start-ups and market innovators like Anghami and Parkmobile.

We <3 Apps