Android DP/PX converter

Calculate pixels (and other units!) in DPs

This tool helps you convert pixels to and from DPs (density independent pixels).

  1. Enter a value and unit to calculate the dimensions for the various DPI bins (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi and xxxhdpi).
  2. Enter either a DP (density independent pixel) value or a PX (pixel) value below.
    If you use pixels, you can set the screen density that it currently displays on.
at compensating for user’s font size at
Please enter a value.

Icon presets:

The values are calculated based on:

ldpi 120 dpi
mdpi 160 dpi
tvdpi 213 dpi
hdpi 240 dpi
xhdpi 320 dpi
xxhdpi 480 dpi
xxxhdpi 640 dpi

Take special note of the `nodpi` bin; specifying resources using this qualifier specifically instructs the system to not scale resources, regardless of the current screen’s density. The DP/PX converter above behaves slightly different when selecting this bin, as it treats the specified pixel dimension as DP.


More reading:
Android Developer Guide on Supporting Multiple Screens on DPI categories
Adapted from Android DP / PX converter by Skinkers

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